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Body hair can often keep you from feeling confident or may cause you to be conscious of what you’re wearing. Shaving every alternate day, while helpful, can take a lot of your time. Further most hair removal methods are temporary, making the entire ordeal frustrating.

Treatments such as laser hair removal in Melbourne can work wonders in giving you a more permanent solution and saving a great deal of time and energy otherwise spent waxing or shaving it off.

If you’re considering visiting a laser hair removal clinic, here’s what you need to know before and after you undergo the procedure:

CSD CLINICS | What Should You Do Before and After a Laser Hair Removal


Ensure that your hair follicles that are intact

A lot of people end up waxing right before a laser hair removal treatment in an attempt to make the procedure easier. While it is true that longer hair can be a hindrance, the presence or hair follicles are essential for the laser to identify the hair roots to be targeted.

This is possible when one shaves. Laser treatments also ensure ingrown hair removal with ease by targeting the roots of the hair. However, waxing completely strips your limbs of hair from the root, making a laser hair removal treatment impossible.

Avoid tans like the plague

Laser devices for cosmetic treatments work by targeting pigmented areas. A tan can lead to the laser heating up the pigmented skin, causing burns. In case of tanned skin, your aesthetician may have to use the laser equipment at a lower power, interfering with the hair removal treatment and making it not too effective. A prudent way to avoid this scenario is to keep away from sun exposure and to use sunscreen lotions at all times during the weeks leading up to your treatment.

Strictly follow the list of dos and don’t provided to you

While the list may seem long and taxing, your aesthetician is trying to look out for you when sharing the list of dos and don’ts. No matter how inconvenient it may seem, make sure you follow the list without fail and keep in touch with your aesthetician regarding any queries you may have.

Avoid cosmetic treatments before and after your laser hair removal

If you are planning other cosmetic treatments such as ablative procedures, chemical peels, etc., before your laser hair removal in Melbourne, make sure you space them out in a way that leaves a gap of at least 3 weeks between the two.

Additionally, make sure there is enough gap between the two procedures even after you undergo the laser hair removal treatment.

Mention any and all ailments and prescriptions to avoid complications

Often, prescriptions complicate laser procedures due to the effects they could possibly have on one’s health. Being open about any prescription you’re currently taking or chronic ailments that you’re suffering from is essential to help your aesthetician identify the possible risks and offer alternate solutions.

Prioritise aftercare following your hair removal treatment

Aftercare is as important as preparing for your hair removal treatment. Most treatment plans involve multiple sessions that are spaced out. Make sure you do not pluck or wax the hair after every session. Further, skin exfoliation and other such treatments should be avoided for at least a week after the final session or until the skin heals. Since some mild redness and tenderness are common after a laser hair removal, allowing the skin to heal on its own is essential. Your aesthetician may also prescribe topical creams to alleviate the discomfort felt after a procedure to make the healing period easier.

If you’re unsure of getting laser hair removal or need more information and guidance regarding the procedure or cost of laser hair removal, you can research about some of the best cosmetic clinics around you and pay them a visit for a quick consultation.

Once you know better, you’re sure to make a decision that suits your needs.

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