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While getting a tattoo seems adventurous, many forget that tattoos are permanent. The thrill is certainly enough to make people choose tattooing themselves over second-guessing. To everyone who has ever regretted getting a tattoo, you are not alone. And what’s an even better comfort is that tattoos can be permanently removed without any invasive techniques.

Laser tattoo removal in Melbourne has been a saving grace for many in the past decade. The treatment helps break down the ink particles through laser technology with ease. However, it is essential to follow certain instructions that aid in speeding up the treatment and avoid hindering the process in any way.

Keeping the below factors in mind can help accelerate the process of a tattoo removal and ensure quickened healing of the treated skin.

Steer clear of smoking

If you thought smoking has no impact on laser tattoo removal, think again. Studies conducted have proven the decrease in the efficiency of the treatment by 70% in smokers. With your immune system focusing on protecting you from the pollutants caused by smoking, there is reduced functioning where breaking down and flushing out of ink particles are concerned.

Increase your water intake

Increasing your water intake can work to break down the tattoo ink quicker than usual and flush it out of your system. With water being an essential component in keeping the skin healthy, you can ensure better healing and response to laser tattoo removal treatments.

Avoid sun exposure

With sun exposure, the melanin in your skin increases. This interferes with the laser treatment in smoothly removing the tattoo. Further, you are also likely to suffer unusual lightening or darkening of the skin due to the treatment.

Keep your appointments

During a laser tattoo removal treatment, your aesthetician makes it a point to schedule your treatments with enough time to flush out the broken down ink particles and allow the skin a chance to heal. However, not keeping your appointments will delay the treatment more than required.

Follow after-care instructions

Every laser treatment requires aftercare. It is essential that you take the aftercare instructions into account and follow the routines and instructions offered so as to avoid any chance of tampering with the treatment or the healing process.

Following these tips can do a lot in quickening the process of a tattoo removal while also accelerating healing. While a number of aesthetic clinics provide the best tattoo laser tattoo removal in Melbourne, you can make an informed decision in choosing a clinic based on your proximity to the clinic as well as the expertise of the aestheticians carrying out your tattoo removal.

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