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In the past few decades, approaching professionals for a suitable cosmetic treatment procedure has become more common, and for good reason. With effective and safe skincare for anti-ageing becoming a norm, people are more confident about getting their desired results to address their concerns. But why does this need differ for each individual?

To get a better understanding of the process of ageing, here’s a glimpse into why the process is different for all.

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The loss of facial volume varies in every individual

As we age, our bones tend to lose tissue which causes the calcium in our bones to be absorbed by the blood. The defining structure of your body is therefore lost over time, causing loss of volume, particularly in the face. With bone density and bone mass reducing day by day, the deflation in your facial and body volume becomes more evident. However, not every individual will go through volume loss the same way, making the process different for all.

Gravity is a crucial factor in muscle migration

This is a factor that not many people take into account. Our features are highly dependent on our facial structure which loses its definition as we grow older. The elastin and collagen fibres in our body tend to break down over time with their production slowing down significantly. Further, gravity begins to migrate your muscles and fat pads downwards, causing your cheeks to lose their volume and suppleness. What’s important to note is that genetics, bone and muscle definition, and the presence of fat pads vary for all, making the process of muscle migration different for every person.

The use of anti-ageing treatment in Melbourne can address this issue to slow down this effect by adding volume and definition to certain areas that are more prominent than others.

Facial and body fat waste away at different paces

Our body has fat pads in several areas, including the face, that add volume to your appearance. Your cheekbones are a clear example of this. As you age, however, the volume in the form of fat pads begins to see a loss, making you appear gaunt. These areas that were previously supple in appearance also begin to look hollow and sunken. But what needs to be kept in mind is that the pace at which the fats waste away differs for all.

Lifestyle and habits also affect your appearance as you age

The use of technology has led to newer issues arising among people, from tech neck to more. For a lot of people who are constantly on their smart devices or in front of laptop screens, the action of looking down into their devices has led to wrinkles appearing around the neck area. Further, sleeping habits are an equally crucial factor in the development of neck wrinkles. On the other hand, people who limit the use of their phones or refrain from habits that require looking down for large amounts of time are not at risk of developing a tech neck as easily.

If you’re looking for an anti-ageing cosmetic solution, the first step is to understand how the process of ageing affects you in particular. Assessing and identifying these factors through professionals at an anti-ageing clinic in Melbourne will determine the right anti-ageing procedures to address your needs.

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