Non Surgical Nose Reshaping Melbourne

Non surgical Nose reshaping is the latest treatment to treat crooked noses, bumps and lift the nose bridge and tip

These treatments are simple, safe and give instant results.

What are the types of Non Surgical Nose Reshaping?

There are 2 main types:

1. Nose Threads
2. Nose Fillers

Nose Threads

Nose threads are special surgical threads with cogs which are placed under the skin of the nose.

The cogs attach to the undersurface of the skin of the nose. The threads then lift the bridge and tip of the nose.

Nose threads are made of a biocompatible material commonly used in surgery (PDO). This material is safe for use in human tissue and has been used for decades for various surgical treatments.

Nose threads gradually break down over 12-18 months. After this time, the nose gradually returns to the pretreatment state.

You can insert more nose threads at any time.

Generally, Nose threads are not as painful as the doctor numbs the area with a local anesthetic prior to inserting the threads. There may be some discomfort after the treatment, so you can use Panadol as needed.

Usually, the results are instant but there may be some swelling for a few days after the treatment.
Best results after about 10 days.

There are few side effects of nose threads. There may be some swelling for a few days but most people can go back to work next day.

Some less common side effects include:

This can be corrected
Protrusion of threads
Thread breakage

The cost of nose threads will depend on the number of threads needed.
The doctor will give you a quote on costs.

The range is from about $430- $699 on average.

Nose Fillers

Nose fillers are Dermal injectable fillers that can make the nose appear straight by filling in the depressions above and below any humps.

Non permanent fillers are reversible and generally last about 12 months in the nose area. They are made of hyaluronic acid.
Cost is about $ 250 per ½ ml on average
Semipermanent fillers. These last on average 2 years and then gradually dissolve. They are not reversible.
They cost on average $300 per ½ ml

The doctor/nurse will inject the filler under the skin of the nose after the use of a numbing cream to minimize discomfort.

Results are instant. There may be swelling for a few days so best result after about 10 days.

It is common to see some swelling for a few days and occasionally some bruising. Less common side effects include:

Allergy to filler or numbing cream
Blockage of blood vessel (very area) with skin necrosis
Lumpiness and granulomas
Lack of correction

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