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Melasma is a kind of pigmentation that is often caused due to hormonal changes or sun exposure. However, successfully carrying out melasma treatment in Melbourne can be tricky without the right dermatologist to help you through it.


Melasma is the condition wherein there is a sudden increase in the skin’s pigmentation. Seen more often in women, the condition is more prevalent in pregnant women, leading to the condition being called ‘the mask of pregnancy. Among all of the melasma cases, about 10% occur in men.


One of the most vital factors that cause melasma is genetics. People descended from dark-skinned ancestors (Indians, Middle-Easterns, Africans, Asians) are more prone to melasma. It occurs when the melanocytes or cells producing pigments begin overproducing pigment. Individuals with close relatives suffering from melasma also have high chances of developing melasma.

Sun exposure is one of the major reasons why melanocytes produce pigments, owing to which melasma worsens often in the warm seasons. Hormones are yet another factor that causes melasma, with hormonal medication becoming triggers. And the use of any skin product that aggravates the skin should be avoided so that the melasma does not worsen further.


While melasma develops and fades with time, certain things we use aggravate or cause it to worsen. These triggers, once identified, can help avoid outbreaks to a great extent.

Hormones: The oral contraceptives you use, birth control devices, hormone therapy, and medication or supplements to help with your pregnancy or menopause can all act as triggers and must be taken with caution.

Heat sources: Hairstyling equipment that uses heat, kitchen appliances, lamps, bulbs, are all sources of heat that can act as triggers for your melasma.

UV exposure: The sun is not the only source of UV lights. Your windows, reflective areas, smart gadget screens, etc. are also sources that can trigger a melasma outbreak. Make sure you steer clear of sitting by your office or home windows for prolonged periods.

Cosmetic products: Not many realise that scents can act as triggers for melasma. Take care to find out if the scents in your cosmetic products and toiletries are triggering for you.

Health conditions that are melanocyte triggers: Chronic stress or health issues that cause the stimulation of melanocytes can lead to outbreaks and must be dealt with.


When you first notice a melasma outbreak, it is important to consult a good dermatologist in Melbourne to have your skin analysed. At Cosmetic Skin Doctors clinic, we have the best skin specialists equipped to carry out melasma treatment in Melbourne that offer the best outcomes.

Melasma is often subjective. What could be the trigger for one may not be the trigger for another. Finding out the cause through an extensive analysis of the skin is therefore extremely vital in treating melasma. Once the cause is identified, our skin specialists will be better able to create a treatment plan that would work best in your case.

It is also important to understand that even if melanin is excreted from the cells, it takes a while to completely fade. Further, the treatment is also often experimental to identify which treatment option works best due to the lack of standard procedure for treating melasma. This is one reason why patients often drop out of treatment, being under the misconception that the treatment doesn’t work or fails more than it should.

A professional skin specialist can help you understand the fundamentals of melasma treatment in Melbourne.


The dermatologists at CSD clinic have successfully treated several patients dealing with melasma through a number of treatment options, taking into account the extent of the condition and the patient’s skin type. Through a consultation, we are in a better position to identify the triggers and the causes and offer the right treatment option in your cause without further triggering the issue.

You can book a consultation or reach out to us to find out the treatment options and services we offer.

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