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CSD CLINICS | How to Prolong the Effects of a PDO Thread Lift?

PDO thread lifts have been widely used as a means to deal with the signs of aging effectively. Quicker and more easily healed than facelift surgery, thread lifts have become life-savers for many looking for affordable options to aesthetically alter their face.

If you are considering a PDO thread lift or have undergone one recently, here is all you need to know to prolong the results for long.

What you should do after a PDO thread lifting treatment

Once your PDO thread lift is done, here is what you need to do:

  • Apply a cold compress and topical creams: Immediately following a PDO thread lift, make sure you use the prescribed medication and apply cold compress to the treated area so that any possible swelling subsides.
  • Keep yourself hydrated: Frequent liquid intake will not only keep you hydrated but also keep your skin refreshed. Once the recommended hours have passed, you can also make it a point to gently moisturise your skin often.
  • Use sunscreen: Sun exposure can have damaging effects on the results of cosmetic procedures. Before you head out of your home, generously apply sunscreen to keep the sun exposure and damage to a minimum.
  • Sleep on your back: Frequent movement can affect the placement of the PDO threads immediately after a procedure. Once you have gotten a PDO thread lifting treatment in Melbourne, make sure you sleep only on your back and avoid lying down on your side or your stomach.

What you shouldn’t do after a PDO thread lift in Melbourne

If you have just undergone treatment for PDO thread lift, it is essential to avoid the following scenarios:

  • Touching the treated area often: make sure you do not touch the site of treatment even while applying a cold compress. You must also avoid facial massages or treatment for a couple of months after the thread lift.
  • Drinking or smoking: While smoking and drinking after a thread lift are not hazardous, it can significantly slow down the process of healing, taking longer for the after-effects to subside.
  • Having a strenuous routine: While walking is encouraged as a form of exercise after a PDO thread lift, any vigorous activity should strictly be avoided. This includes strenuous exercising as well as other activities that require a lot of stretching.
  • Stretching your muscles: Yawning, laughing too hard, or even exercising can stretch your muscles notably. This could affect the results of the thread life and cause the longevity of the results to lessen significantly.
  • Having dental appointments: If you have undergone a facial thread lift, any dental work can cause the PDO threads to move. Delay your dental appointments for a couple of months or enquire with your aesthetician about the right time to get dental procedures done after a PDO thread lift.

Being mindful and following the instructions of your practitioner is essential to prolong the effects of the PDO thread lift for as long as possible. You can create your list based on your lifestyle to ensure that you avoid any habits that could diminish the results.

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