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Uncontrollable hair loss can have serious effects on one’s emotional and mental well. The constant stress is another added factor that will only do more harm than good. With advanced hair transplant treatment becoming more accessible, there is cert
ainly one way to bring back your luscious hair.

The important question is – how long will the results last?

With the amount you’re going to end up paying and the time you spend in numerous sessions with your aesthetician during your hair transplant procedure, it is only evident to want natural-looking results that stay for ages.

CSD CLINICS | Can Hair Transplant Procedures Give Results that Last?

What to Expect from Your Hair Transplant Treatment in Melbourne

Here’s what you can expect from your hair transplant in Melbourne at Cosmetic Skin Doctors Clinic:

High rate of follicle survival

The extraction of hair follicles is crucial in ensuring its survival. The methods of extraction are equally vital, with extreme care and attention needed from the start of the procedure to the end. A high rate of follicle survival also ensures that less grafts are extracted. This is advantageous to both the patient and the hair transplant clinic carrying out the treatment.

Results that appear natural

With hair transplant clinics making use of your own hair follicles that show healthy hair growth, the results of your transplantation are bound to appear natural. These grafts are taken either from areas on your scalp that have been resistant to balding, often the sides or the back of your head, making sure that the results are permanent.

Further, hair transplant surgeons make it a point to implant the follicles in the most ideal area and direction, making it perfectly aligned to appear natural and completing the structure of your face just right.

Lasting results for life

This is one of the most crucial goals when aestheticians attempt a hair transplant surgery for patients wanting lasting results. In most cases, the hairline begins to recede or there is male pattern baldness wherein the hair growth is curbed only in certain areas. The hair transplant treatment is carried out by extracting follicles from areas where the hair growth is intact, ensuring that the transplanted follicle continues to have healthy hair growth in the previously affected area.

There are a number of effective hair transplant treatment options available at hair transplant clinics in Melbourne that offer natural-looking and lasting results. A consultation with a specialist can help you identify the right procedure as well as the longevity of the results for you.

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